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…after centuries of colonial involvement, this is the year that the Lebanese people and their amazing culture became independent of the French.

Our concept is developed to be a meeting of traditional Lebanese culture and Sydney’s Café culture, while offering modern specialty Coffee.

Manoush (Traditional Lebanese Flat Bread) and Kaak (Traditional Lebanese Bagel) are very popular in the Middle East & loved by members of the international community. Our Manoush and Kaak are baked daily in house using only the freshest ingredients, and we source our ingredients from the best suppliers, all around the world.

Take our olive oil, which is sourced from the grandparents of Huss and Amani, who own an olive grove in Lebanon.

The owners of Nineteen43; Huss, Sam and Amani wanted to do something different to Sydney’s mainstream café culture. There’s no doubt that there is an amazing standard in this market for food and coffee, but affordability & quality are the first things to go to when a café moves into breakfast offerings.

Following very specific recipes, and remaining uncompromising in quality ensures our customers can receive the best product, day in, day out.

This mentality, combined with a passion coffee and drive to provide the best product led us to our partnership with The Reformatory Lab. The Reformatory Lab are a Sydney based specialty coffee roastery that are uncompromising on quality. They provide us with a product and system which balances beautifully with our food offering, and gives the people of Rockdale some coffee to really talk about…



7 Geeves Ave
Rockdale, New South Wales 2216


Monday – Friday | 6am – 4pm
Saturday - Sunday | 7am – 2pm


02 9597 3595


The Reformatory Lab

[ CoffeE Roasters]


Simply styled with a standing bar, The Reformatory is for the caffeine-crazed, so tea/tisane/tahini smoothie drinkers need not apply. Concrete floors, dark walls, industrial finishes and an enormous suspended cage — the stripped-back style echoes the simplicity of The Reformatory's focus on crop-to-cup coffee.

Here it's all about the coffee from the farm, import, roasting, blending and finally serving, and this is what makes Simon such a superhero: like the field-to-fork philosophy permeating restaurant culture, it's a delight to experience a new awareness of where the blessed beans spent their infancy.

Check out more information on their site:



7 Geeves Ave,

Rockdale, New South Wales, 2216

We are tucked away in a little corner on Geeves Ave, right next to Rockdale train station with plenty of parking.


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“For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half a man’s hunger…”              - Khalil Gibran

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