From the Kitchen

Hummus With Makanek $14

Traditional Lebanese sausages on a bed of hummus topped

with roasted pine nuts & smoked paprika with a side of

freshly baked village style bread and pickles

Winter Porridge $15

Honey & chia porridge with house made dulce de leche,

poached pear & rhubarb topped with seasonal fruits,

crushed halawa and a drizzle of canadian maple syrup

Mushroom Basturma Toast $18

Rosemary garlic mixed mushrooms, Wagyu Basturma

Meredith goat’s cheese, and heirloom tomatoes, and

toasted sourdough

+ two poached eggs - $4

Nineteen43 Shakshuka $19

Slow cooked red sauce, capsicum, olives, spices, tomato,

two baked eggs, feta, Sujoq (Middle Eastern Chorizo), and

toasted sourdough

Avocado & Zaatar Toast $18

Smashed Avocado, topped with Danish feta, House Dukkah,

fresh cherry tomatoes with two poached eggs + smoked

salmon - $4

Breakfast Pan $19.5

Two poached eggs, Grilled Haloumi, Sujoq, garlic roasted

mushrooms, blistered tomatoes, crumbled feta & Avocado

and toasted sourdough

Nineteen43 Turkish Eggs $18

Poached eggs in burnt chilli butter, roasted eggplants,

mixed mushrooms, on a bed of house garlic labneh, toasted

slithered almonds, house chilli jam, and toasted sourdough

+ sujoq - $3.50



Lunch Specials

Village Bowl $17

House made bulgur, spiced cauliflower & chickpeas, honey

roasted pumpkin, charred green beans served with hummus

Add grilled chicken $5

Add smoked Salmon $4

Aunty’s Avocado Fattoush $18

Grilled chicken tenderloins, Fattoush salad, avocado,

activated charcoal crispy bread, pomegranate molasses


Kafta Fold Over $14

Kafta, fresh tomatoes, parsley & caramelized onion mix,

house made tahini

sauce in a house baked wrap served with side of crisps &

pickled chillis

Chicken Fold Over $14

Grilled chicken tenderloins, tasty cheese, avocado, baby

spinach, fresh tomatoes & spiced mayo served with a side of

crisps & pickles


Something Sweet!

Knefeh French Balls $16

Two crispy brioche crumble balls filled with cheese,

served with a scoop of ice cream, & rose syrup

Knefeh French Toast $13

Buttered brioche bread stuffed with traditional middle

eastern knefeh served on a bed of pistachios & rose syrup

Share Plate: $21


From the bakery (baked daily in house)


Traditional Middle Eastern bagels with your choice of the following fillings

Haloumi Kaak $10

Grilled Haloumi, Kalamata Olives, Fresh Diced

Tomatoes, and zaatar

Add 2x Egg/Avocado 3, Add Sujoq/Pastrami 3.5

Wagyu Basturma Kaak $13

Wagyu Basturma, two fried eggs, garlic labneh, smoky

relish, baby spinach

Sujoq & Egg Kaak $10

Cream cheese, Sujoq (Middle Eastern Chorizo), Fetta

shallots, & two fried eggs

Add Haloumi 3.5

Four Cheese House Blend $10

Add Sujoq/Pastrami 3.5




Traditional Middle Eastern flat bread with your choice of the following


House Baked Zaatar (Oregano) $8

Served with labneh, olives & seasonal Vegetables

Mixed Cheese $8

Our 3 Cheese blend baked in house daily topped with

toasted sesame seeds

Lahm B’ajeen (Ground beef & spices) $8

Add Cheese $2





Milk/Black House Blend

Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica,

Seasonal Specialty Single Origin Coffees

Lebanese Coffee Pot $6

Filter and Cold Brew (See Barista) – $4

Small/8oz. – 3.5 Large/12oz. - $4

Single Origin (See Barista) – $4

Extra Shot/Decaf - .50

Soy/Almond/Macadamia - .50



English Breakfast, Peppermint, Silver Jasmine Green,

Lemongrass & Ginger, Masala Chai, Alwazah Black Tea



Classic Milkshakes

Your choice of chocolate, caramel, strawberry

and vanilla

Iced Beverages

Iced Rosy Chocolate $7

Iced Coffee (with cream and ice cream) $7

Iced Latte $5

Iced Chai $6

+ shot of coffee .50

Cold Beverages

Gazooz Cola (Coke or Pepsi) $3.5

Coke Zero $3

Gazooz 7up $3.5

Bottled Still Water from Mountains of Lebanon $3

S. Pellegrino Sparkling $4

Energy Drinks (V & Red Bull) $3.5



Rose Water Lemonade (House favourite)

OJ (Fresh Orange)

Lychee and Cranberry

Orange Mango Passionfruit

Bottled cold press



Carrot and Tumeric

Cloudy Apple

House made Soda


Mango and Passionfruit