From the Kitchen

Granola Bowl

Maple toasted granola with vanilla bean rose yoghurt,

passionfruit & seasonal fruits

Ricotta Brioche Toast

Rose & Strawberry Jam, Paesanella vanilla ricotta,

seasonal fruits, candied pistachios, manuka honey,

served on a sweet brioche toast

Nineteen43 Shakshuka

Slow cooked red sauce, capsicum, olives, spices, tomato, two baked

eggs, Crumbled feta, Sujoq (Middle Eastern Chorizo) with choice

of Sourdough, Rye, or Gluten Free bread.

Avocado & Zaatar on Toast

Smashed Avocado, topped with Danish feta, House

Dukkah, fresh cherry tomatoes with two poached eggs

Breakfast Pan

Two poached eggs, Grilled Haloumi, Sujoq, garlic

roasted mushrooms, blistered tomatoes, crumbled feta

& Avocado and toasted sourdough

Nineteen43 Turkish Eggs

Fried eggs in burnt chilli butter, roasted eggplants &

tomatoes, mixed mushrooms, topped with house garlic

labneh, fresh baby spinach & house chilli jam, and

toasted sourdough

Acai/Mango & Banana Smoothie Bowls

Topped with seasonal fruits, maple toasted granola,

and chia seeds

Knefeh French Balls

Two crispy brioche crumble balls filled with cheese,

served with a scoop of ice cream,& rose syrup

Knafeh Toast

Buttered brioche bread stuffed with traditional middle eastern

knafeh served on a bed of pistachios and rose syrup



Lunch Specials

Please see staff  for rotating Lunch Salad & Pocket Bread Sandwiches



From the bakery (baked daily in house)


Traditional Middle Eastern bagels with your choice of the following fillings

Haloumi Kaak

Wagyu Basturma Kaak

Four cheese house blend

Sujoq & Egg




Traditional Middle Eastern flat bread with your choice of the following


Zaatar - served with labneh, olives & seasonal vegetables

Mixed Cheese - A special blend of three kinds of cheeses

Add - olives

Lahm B’ajeen - Ground beef, tomato, spices & ground onion and cheese

Add - cheese 



Coffees and Teas

Cold Beverages

Classic Milkshakes

Cold Drinks

Laban Ayran

Nineteen43 Rose Water Lemonade

Gazooz Cola (Coke or Pepsi)

Gazooz Orange

Bottled Still Water

S. Pellegrino

Cold Pressed Juices

Energy Drinks

Iced Latte